Have you ever thought about what the "Sun Sign" of your relationship is? Or what it means to get married on a specific day or time? In many cultures it is common to consult an astrologer for the most auspicious time to do many things, such as get married, buy property or sign contracts. My Life Stars now brings that tradition to modern couples with a unique service - My Wedding Stars!

Q. What are My Wedding Stars?

A. Getting an astrological forecast or chart of your wedding date is like getting a birth chart done for your wedding. Looking at the astrological influences present at the date and time of your wedding can help you to see the strengths and challenges that may be present in your relationship as a married couple throughout your lives. If you haven't already chosen a date, then I can assist you in looking at potential dates to see which one, based on your personal natal charts, will be more favorable for your marriage. My Wedding Stars is NOT a pre-written, templated forecast, it customized and is unique to the two of you and covers the various influences including aspect patterns and houses which may impact your marriage.

The one-hour My Wedding Stars consultation covers all of the various elements in your chart, and you will also receive a CD recording of the session and a keepsake wedding day chart suitable for framing. You can also add the option to create a custom Heirloom Art Wheel for your wedding day.

What you will need to provide:
Exact birth time, date and location for both parties
Chosen wedding date, time and location
OR Date range you are looking at with three "potential" dates indicated